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mediacat berlin is an agency that can support you in all aspects of digital communication. Ever since, mcb has been owner-managed. We work on schedule, with great attention to detail and even more practical experience. We do develop websites, write good texts, work as consultants. Since 2007 we have been committed primarily to freelancers and medium-sized companies. About 40% of our orders are related to technical support and counseling clients, most of these contracts are long-term agreements.

Perfect for smaller businesses

We love working for small business owners and freelancers. Antiquarians, artists, lawyers, doctors, craftsmen need good websites, but not neccessarily a large agency.
We prefer a varied field of work to a large budget. Contact us.

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We provide you with comprehensive consultation, do copytext writing, graphics, coding, all tailored to your needs.
Concerning content management systems we prefer WordPress to all other, for good reasons, we are willing to explain any time.
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Why you need responsive design

2011 was the first year to sell more mobile devices (smartphone, notebook, tablet, etc.) than desktop computers, and the trend continues. As a result, today a website should be able to handle a wide variety of monitor sizes. This is where responsive web design comes kicks in: Media queries examine the device and browser window size with which the user visits the website and ensure that the website is displayed in a way that matches the size of the reported viewport.

Use of mobile devices, worldwide (4,68% Tablets included)
Use of mobile devices, North America (7,47% Tablets included)
Use of mobile devices, Asia (1,91% Tablets included)
Use of mobile devices, Germany (6,33% Tablets included)



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